Retrosteam pipe tip *Large


Pfeifenspitze Large – Osage Orange

*Mouthpiece: short (48mm) - Also available with long mouthpiece. Simply enter *long in the order

Do you want less condensation, smooth smoke in an elegant design?

Then the Retrosteam cigi tip is something for you. Due to the length and the additional wooden structure of the tips, condensation collects better in the body than with conventional consumption. The tips can also be fitted with 9 mm filters. The substrate filters also mean less strain and more flavor. No smoke in the eyes and less unpleasant odors on the skin. The discarding of longer sticks is a relaxed feature for later use. The Retrosteam tips are suitable for conventional filters with a 6 mm diameter, filterless twist, 9-piece activated charcoal filters or corresponding tips.

Screw the filter to be used into the mouthpiece while applying slight pressure to ensure a secure hold.

SMOOTHER SMOKE LESS POLLUTION NO CONDENSATION AT THE MOUTH HANDMADE LESS ODOR ON THE HANDS STYLISH DESIGN SUSTAINABLE When you choose a Retrosteam tip, you are buying a unique piece that has been treated completely naturally.


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