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About us

Retrosteam - made from the most living material on earth.

I produce my wooden pipes lovingly by hand. As I do not seal the wood pores of the steams with unnatural varnishes, the pipes can breathe and acclimatize themselves after use. The pipes literally vaporize themselves over time.

Once the basic principle of the vaporizer worked, only the quality of the vapor needed to be improved. In the meantime, the brand's patented end product was born.

Over the years, it has become apparent that there are many different ways to use the vaporizer. Factors such as personal vaping behavior, the duration of the draw, the perception of the heat or the taste lead to an individual application.


We are committed to the best quality

Simple operation
Robuste Handwerkskunst
Sustainable materials
Modular heat chamber - seamless adaptation to 14.5 mm chillum
Elegant design with magnetic closure
Dense steam, captivating and intense
Sustainable wood
Easy handling
Robust and timeless
Precision grinder
Perfect fine cut for vaporizers
Interchangeable blades


We are committed to the best quality



Open Retrosteam and fill with approx. 0.2 -0.1 g of vaporized product - the sieve must be covered (the amount varies depending on the taste/type of vaporized product)


Light the lighter one to two seconds BEFORE vaporizing, preferably use a storm lighter


Pass the flame over the metal tube and pull


Inhale, exhale and enjoy
  • Clean your mouthpiece about once a week (e.g. with a pipe cleaner/brush). It can be removed by turning it. Use the spacer ring if available.
  • Clean the mouthpieces and pipe stem with Deniclean pipe cleaner (personal recommendation).
  • Clean the mouthpieces and the pipe stem with Deniclean pipe cleaner (personal recommendation).
  • Remove the sieve after a few uses and burn it clean.
  • Tip: Insert the sieve loosely, shake the retrosteam with your thumb on the opening until it is centered.
  • Clean the removable stainless steel chamber, e.g. with alcohol or in the dishwasher [NOT the parts firmly attached to the wood!]
  • Brush the threaded parts with Deniclean or alcohol.
  • Important: DO NOT bring stained wood into contact with alcohol/solvent.

What does this actually mean? The warm air you feel, with the
dissolved aromas and active ingredients of your herb.

This detail gives rise to different types of vapor that go hand in hand with the individual products.

The feedback can be influenced by the design and length of the mouthpiece.

Direct feedback is provided, for example, by a short mouthpiece and indirect feedback when using a water filter.


Here is a brief overview:
  • Laid back - late feedback of the vapor volume
  • Golden Middle - gentle build-up of feedback
  • Directly Hit - direct heat feedback



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