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Call it a (sports) cigarette holder, activated charcoal filter adapter, the latest smoking application, the best invention of the twenties or simply Saubi - the fact is and remains that it is the one for all. For every tip, for every filter. From the slimmest sticky to the colossal club with 8 mm filter - the Saubi holds them all and takes your enjoyment to a whole new level. And, by the way, people in their 20s simply knew what style was! The only thing they didn't know was activated carbon filters - and the Sauberschmauch naturally has one integrated. We rely on the activated carbon and cellulose filters from Kailar. They have proven themselves. Of course, some other brands are also suitable. But be careful, filters that are too thick can break open the thin-walled wood under the brass sleeve! Be gentle with your Saubi and it will be gentle with you - and give you the smoothest feeling ever. Rumor has it that you won't even notice if the tip is already burning because every puff with the Saubi is so gentle and mild... It's true!

Das hier ist ein Partnerprodukt von Jointable und Schmauchpipe.

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